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JQ Jeans Featured

JQ Jeans is an International denim-fashion brand with more than 30 years of experience. All our products are MADE IN ITALY in the worlds best jeans manufacturing district. 

The company started in London in 1978 “Kings Road” the best street for “the purveyor of funky elegance”. The owner of the brand Mr. Pasquale Orza grew up in the Glam rock era in Hertfordshire, England, were he started to absorb the creativity and the cultural ferment of this period.

He gained experience and build his career in the jeans field working with many international organizations starting in Brazil and Hong Kong where he continued his research and created in 1979 the first stretch denim jeans in the world developed with Kaihara denim Japan. The principal idea of JQ Jeans is to constantly innovate and develop fashionable and comfortable styles with a feminine fit.



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